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What type of soil should I plant my Paulownia trees in?

Paulownia grows well on many types of soils. Most recommended are light, well drained and sandy soils. 

Well drained soils are the best. Avoid clay, rocky and soaked soils. Young Paulownia plants develop well, when the soil depth is at least 1.5-2 meters.

Where is the best place to plant Paulownia trees?

Paulownia trees prefer a sunny location, but they can tolerate partial shade. Because of the tree's large leaves, it's best to choose a site protected from strong winds that could damage its foliage.

When should I plant my Paulownia trees?

The best time to plant a Paulownia tree depends to some extent on the location. If the area has warm winters without freezing temperatures, the tree could be planted any time during its dormant period, from late fall through winter and into early spring.

In areas that experience hard freezes during winter, it's best to plant a new tree in early spring; for example in late March or early April, when the soil can be worked but before the tree buds swell and turn green.

How tall will Paulownia grow and how deep do the roots go?

Depending on variety and soil conditions Paulownia can reach between 50 to 70 feet. Paulownia has a deep tap root of up to 45 feet.

How much water do Paulownia trees need?

For the best growth during the first months of development is crucially important to water them with 20 litres per plant weekly. The soil needs to be well aerated or fungi pathogens will attack the roots. The call for more water for the first year is leaf wilt. Unlike most trees, Paulownia will show when it is in water stress. The leaves will drop! When you water, the leaves will go back up.